About the Ojai Experience

September 10, 2016

Living in Ojai By Trent Jones as seen on www.discoverojai.com

As little towns go Ojai is a great place to hang out and live.

So why would you want to move to Ojai and make this magical place your home? Here are some of my top reasons for loving the Ojai Valley and calling it my home.

I find that the Ojai Valley is full of friendly, creative, community minded people. Ojai is a safe and supportive community to raise children with excellent public and private schools. It is a community of organic farmers and people dedicated to healthy ways of living. It is a community where people gather to raise money for and provide support for the land conservancy, Ojai Valley youth, the arts and to promote local theatre and music and film festivals. In the Valley there are more than 250 clubs and organizations that provide a wide-range of cultural, fraternal, and social opportunities. There is always something going on here and if you want to get involved and participate, you will never be bored or lonely.

Here I can enjoy small town living at its’ very best yet I am only 30 to 60 minutes away from a number of large cities such as Ventura or Santa Barbara.

Ojai is a community that cares about the environment. One example of this is the Ojai Valley Green Coalition. This organization is a gathering of residents and friends of the Ojai Valley actively working together to create an environmentally sustainable community. “The mission of the Ojai Valley Green Coalition is to advance a green, sustainable, and resilient Ojai Valley.” Another example of a community that cares is the Ojai Land Conservancy. The Conservancy is a community-based, nonprofit group of more than 1,200 private citizens and landowners working for the common goal of protecting and restoring open space in the Ojai Valley for your benefit and the benefit of future generations. The Ojai Land Conservancy recognizes that the Ojai Valley is blessed with ideal living conditions and its stunning beauty inspires comparison to the mythical land of Shangri-la. They understand that without responsible stewardship of the land, the valley will not endure encroaching development. Because Ojai is a small valley surrounded by mountains with limited water resources, the need to preserve the remaining open space is acute. Still another example of a community that cares is the Ojai Raptor Center. Ojai Raptor Center (ORC) is dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of injured, orphaned and displaced birds of prey in Ventura County. They are a nonprofit corporation, licensed by California State Fish & Game and Federal Fish & Wildlife. Relying on contributions the ORC is operated by volunteers thoroughly dedicated and trained in the care and handling of raptors. They take in and assess over 350 birds each year for injuries or illnesses, rehabilitate them, and when ready, release them back into nature.

The great outdoors, sports and recreation are a central theme in the Ojai Valley. The Ojai Valley is surrounded by the Los Padres National Park which consist of nearly two million acres of beautiful mountains and wide open spaces with numerous hiking trails. Beautiful Lake Casitas is located just outside the city of Ojai has 32 miles of shoreline and 6,200 acres of oak trees and rolling hills. The lake is filled with trout, bass, catfish, crappie and sunfish with “world class” fish catches frequently recorded. Facilities include two boat launching ramps, large fishing docks, electrical and water hookup camping sites and picnic areas.

The Ojai Valley has some of Ventura Counties best equestrian centers. Horse lovers can find many places to board and train horses. There are horse trails through out the surrounding mountain and valley areas. The Ojai Valley School is one of the few schools in the country that has an equestrian program for their students. Their equestrian program gives students in grades 4-12 the opportunity to ride horses as their sport and compete as members of a school team.

Ojai prides itself in its private and public school systems. Villanova School, Besant Hill School, Monica Ros School, Montessori School, Oak Grove School, Ojai Valley School and the Thacher’s school are some of the well know 13 private schools in the Ojai Valley. Our public schools are the best with a high school that offers amazing academic, sports, music and theatre programs.

When it comes to good health Ojai has one of the best Athletic facilities in all of Ventura county. Over 42% of the people that live in Ojai are members of this amazing health fitness center. The Ojai Valley Athletic club offers a state of the art fitness facility, two large heated pools, group exercise studios, spinning studio, child care, kid’s game room, plus ten lighted tennis courts and four clay courts. The club also offers a lighted basketball court and sand volleyball court. The club welcomes families, singles, and seniors alike to their unique facility.

The Ojai Valley is the center of ongoing self help and self improvement. The Ojai Educational foundation, the Byron Katie learning center, the Ojai Foundation, the Krishnamurti Foundation, The Healing Arts Council of Ojai are just a few of the organizations dedicated to improving the human experience. If you are an artist, the creative writer or the actor you will find Ojai alive with activities. The Ojai Art Center, Ojai Play writers, Ojai Valley Music Festival, Ojai Valley Film Festival and Ojai Shakespeare Festival are just a few of the events you can experience.

Ojai has all the community services that you would expect. We have an amazing Hospital, a library, a trolly system and an active Chamber of Commerce. It is reported that the Ojai library is the most used and active library in all of Ventura County.

The Ojai Valley is made of many small neighborhoods and communities. The City of Ojai, the Arbolada, the Ojai East End, Upper Ojai, Meiners Oaks, Mira Monte, Saddle Mountain Estates and Oak View are the main neighborhoods and communities that you will find here. Each is unique, but all join together to form one community we call the Ojai Valley. Whether you are looking for a quiet home in a well defined residential area or a country home with acreage you can find what you are looking for here in the Ojai Valley.